Sorry for the Radio Silence!

As some of you may know on Sept. 29th of 2015 I was involved in a Multiple Car Pileup on the freeway while I was on my way in to my Day job, my truck was totaled from the impact of the crash, thankfully everyone was OK and no one was seriously Injured Over the past weeks I have been healing and recuperating and focusing on my day job, after the Crash I had not done any photo shoots Even had to Cancel one, it is now November and I am starting to do some shoots again. November 4th I shot with Jaylynn (JEM MODEL) and to be honest It felt great to be Behind the Camera again in the Next few months I will be doing more shoots and Planning an East Coast Photo Event More details about that to be released over the next few months.

Here is a Shot from my Recent shoot with Jaylynn at Gas Works Park in Seattle (straight from Camera, Just Cropped)

Jaylynn ImageDavid Friend

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