Hey all,

So I am working on putting some videos together and was wondering what you would like to see me make videos about ?

Would you like to see a Whats in my bag? what my mobile setup is? how I work with models ? Etc.

I am open to any and all Idea’s

Thank you,

  • David Friend

Website Updates


Good Afternoon,

Today I was working on updating some parts of my Website to help provide you my fans with the best experience while visiting in the Months to come I will be adding more to this site and making it more of a place to come see whats I am up to and where in the world I am Shooting, What I am shooting Etc.

I am working on many new projects that will be released as there time comes

Bonus Points if you can tell me from What Photo the Above image is From, if you think you know leave it in the Comments Bellow 🙂

Thank you for being a Fan of David Friend Photography

– David Friend